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The Important Thing Is To Not Die

César is Law - The Important Thing Is To Not Die

Foursquare And Thirty Days Ago

I’m nothing if not two things, a narcissist and a sucker for novelty. So when I learned about Foursquare I was immediately interested. For those not aware Foursquare is an up and coming social media web service which basically asks you to check in whenever you go out. At first it seems like a fancy Twitter but it’s got enough shiny chrome under the hood to differentiate itself.

The most obvious difference is that checking in can net you points and earn you badges. As someone who enjoys quantifying the pointless, I have to say that this is pretty awesome. No more getting away with talking a big game. Now you have to prove on the scoreboard that you do, in fact, like to party. It’s also interesting to see your nights out presented to you like a financial report. I like this financial analogy, because after a month of using the service, I’ve confirmed my dad’s theory as to why I’m always broke:

This Is Why I'm Broke

This Is Why I'm Broke

So far my only major gripes with the service are that some people think that checking into their residence or workplace is in anyway cool or interesting. That does not show that you like to party (certain residences and workplaces aside). But that complaint is mostly my competitive nature lamenting not being on the weekly leader board. My second complaint is the few amount of friends who have adopted the service. Hopefully Foursquare will take off amongst my friends in San Antonio. Once Foursquare establishes itself in a city the Nightlife Guide and Friend Finder aspects really take off (or so I’ve read).

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